Friends say im not gay cause im dating a guy


Any help from others that may be experiencing a similar issue or guidance to a professional that can help me navigate my way through this would be greatly appreciated. Sounds like you have. Grown a lot , work on that ya mate either way is just around the corner, you are not alone with this,we all want the same. Im a 61yo hetrosexual male but even I can identify with your problem. Its certainly nothing to be worried about more like it should be viewed by you as a journey. I wasn't sure whether to respond or not as I don't have any direct experience in what you are talking about, but I am unusual in perspective so just in case it's interesting I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents in.

I never really got why people were so obsessive and judgemental about other peoples sexual preferences.

People always say "It's not what is on the outside that counts, it's what is on the inside" It always seemed so blatantly disingenuous. Although I've never been interested in men to be honest I've always struggled to understand why women liked men at all when they could be with other women That always made perfect sense to me. While everyone elses attitude including my own always seemed fundamentally flawed.

In your case I guess you just have not met the right person at the right time yet. Which puts you in the same catagory as myself and a fair few million others. Just hang out with people you like, spend time with people that make you happy to spend time with and if with one of those people something "clicks", consider pursuing something more intimate The thing is, you already possess something that a lot of single people don't already have. Confidence in your own skin, and people are drawn to this characteristic without you having to put forth any real effort.

I must say it's refreshing to see someone writing about not having a life of trauma, but I do 'confusion' as well so you're in luck! I'm Sara, Sez for short a mature bi woman and volunteer community champ for BeyondBlue forum. Lovely to meet you Grant. It seems mid life crisis has hit with a vengeance hey? One thing you haven't mentioned is children.

When You End Up On A Date With A Guy You Assume Is Gay

I'm wondering if this has any bearing on your situation. Mind you it's not to confuse you anymore than is present; it's just an observation. You and your family sound beautiful. You have a wonderful life Grant so this hiccup is throwing things out of balance; life's like that. Please look up a 'Sex Therapist' in your area. They are in one word Professional, non judgemental, balanced, unknown to you and intent on helping you get onto the next phase of your life. As there are no mental health issues you've disclosed focus will be on the issue at hand.

I really do hope you pursue this avenue of support as it's the best way to unravel a changing sexuality mindset. What you've expressed is totally normal and very important. Congratulations for seeking support and being brave enough to express your confusion, it really does take guts. Please let us know how you're going and what direction your crossroad takes. I for one would love to hear the next chapter of your journey.


Mid-life has surely hit with a vengeance! Well, actually it's finally brought this to a point where I can no longer bury my head in the sand. Becoming a parent has been a topic I've mulled over for the last few years, and whilst it would be an amazing experience to become a parent, it's not a must for me. This question of where I sit on the sexuality spectrum has caused much confusion and paralysis over the years. I've had up to 5 years at a time where I've not dated or had sex with anyone as I had just shut that part of myself down. It was easier that way. I have decided now that it's time to move on this, ready or not.

When will one ever be ready for anything? I hadn't thought of seeing a sex therapist actually. I had seen a counsellor and a psychologist when I was younger which helped me sort through some other matters but couldn't really help me navigate this one.

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I will definitely look into that. Surely there is more to understanding a person than which gender they prefer to have sex with.

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Everyone Thinks I’m Gay (But I’m Not)

Hi there, I've always identified as gay but, at 28 I had the first idea that that might not have been the case. I can't keep ignoring the issue and can not be with Men anymore, it just doesn't feel right. The last piece of the puzzle is working out this sexuality conundrum. I was too scared. I really wish she did though. I have a best friend who is straight and i am bi and have a huge crush on her. If i could i would totally confess to her but the big problem is that she is also christian which means that she would have to go against her religion in order to date me even if she did like me.

I want to tell her but i just know that she would be sad if i told her… So i keep my feelings in. It sucks!! How did it go for you?

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I fell in love with a girl for the first time in my life a few months ago. But every time I see her it gets harder and harder to keep this secret. Now I am waiting to see what she says. I confessed my feelings to someone I thought was my friend, she ran like hell. She is straight and I always thought I was until I met her. Warming my hands in hers, sitting on my lap around the fire etc. She made me rethink everything I know about love and happiness. Last week, I told her.

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She responsed really nice. She said she thinks she wil fall in love with a girl one day. I think about her all day. And have really no idea what to do. I told her to act normal to me. Here I am a year after this was posted Googling for help and I find my favourite two gay ladies dropping truth.

Thank you thank you thank you for existing. My best friend… Shit we always think our best friendships are magical and perfect but anyway. I met her he day after I moved to a new city and we bonded instantly. I fell hard within a few weeks.