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Cite article How to cite? ENW EndNote. All really fun and playful banter. He had an amazing smile and a sweet airy laugh. He loved shifting his weight on either foot to begin and end his thought process. It was all endearing within those first few moments. I was really enjoying the conversation and was ready to forget everything else I had planned for the day go hang out with him right at that moment.

But then as he was laughing at our small talk, his expression changed slightly to what only I assume to mean he had something serious to say. He lightly touched my arm and said,.

Seem like one of the good blacks that speak well. All the smiles and playfulness on my face was immediately replaced with revulsion and intense anger. Needless to as that it completely desiccated any amorous feelings I had for this effervescent man.

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I wish I could say that this was the first and only time someone has said something like this. But in reality I have heard this phrase too many times to count from some well-meaning guy something so crass. So many decisions are based on the potential length of the relationship with the first few minutes. But when you say something completely asinine like the gentleman in this story you eviscerate any ground you made. Since he brought up my race, then how am I supposed to focus on anything else? Sure there is a lot of pressure from your inner monologue tell you to decide within this small frame of time what to say and what you should not say.

These situations seem to be magnified when there. You see what the problem is with comparing someone to the rest of their race, or other tall or short people, guys with birthmarks, stutters or any other thing that you see as unique, different or outside the box, is that it is a problem for you because that is all you seem to focus on. But just because you come from one oppressed group does not mean you know everything there is to know about every other oppressed group. As I was discussing this with colleagues and close friends they wanted me to elaborate on a few points about intersectionality and how race does affect dating in this community.

But more specifically these are some of the issues that arise the most. Even though we are becoming more diverse by the day, most of the dating pool is in the gay community is comprised of Caucasian males. Just like with being gay, there are a lot of intricate levels of insensitivity to institutionalization of racism. But understand there are so many varying levels you may not see. So when your guy points it out, both of you should be willing to listen to both sides. The same rule applies here. Because you may not notice the same things that we do.

Yes you can engage in conversations about race and race relations. It affects you just as much as it affects me, just not in the same way. You sitting there listening to me giving a speech about what you did wrong or what I found offensive by what someone has said or done will do nothing but make both of us resentful. Open dialogue is what changes perspectives and fosters understanding. It makes us feel like we are some type of anomaly of an otherwise undesirable race of people we belong to and are a part of.

So on some level you only see the person as a stereotype or a contradiction of a stereotype, and not the person.

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Stereotypes imply that we are susceptible, regardless of action and behavior. You see color. Unless you have some kind of differentiation that does not allow you to see color or are visually blind you see color.

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Whether that be an inappropriate comment from you or someone else. Because you do see color.

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We all notice differences in culture, race, and ethnicity. All of us need to learn that when it comes to race, sexuality, pretty much anything that is innately different to us, does not equal better or worse. Just different. Spoil you? To put all the effort necessary into building a strong stable relationship or one of the hottest, most passionate hookups ever?

Because you are only seeing the surface. And I am better than that. Even certain myths and stereotypes no matter how true they may be that on the surface shows a group in a positive light are based in discrimination and hate. Be open and ask. Be open to the fact that perspectives are going to be different.